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Sal & Tara

Our Story dates back over 20 years ago. It was the summer of 1992 and she moved from upstate New York to Hillsborough, New Jersey to live with her mother. He moved to Hillsborough, NJ to work with his brother at his restaurant. Fate would bring them together when “her mother” introduced them and he offered her a drink. This is where it began. For two crazy years, two young at heart kids had the time of their lives working in a Restaurant together and planning a future….but her life changed and she needed to move back to New York with her family. They saw each other often but the distance between them ended them.
For the next 20 years, they never saw each other or spoke to each other. She thought of him from time to time wondering if he was successful and happy He thought about through the years always wondering about that Italian girl In December of 2013 she was in NJ waiting for a train and he came to her mind once again. When she got home that night she put his name on Facebook and sent a message It was October 29, 2014, when he read her message…The planned to catch up one weekend and they both realized it still felt like the first time together. He stayed in the restaurant business and finally opened a place of his own.
His restaurant is award-winning not only for its incredible food but overall customer satisfaction year over year. She changed careers working as an executive in the health care field for 18 years. Even with a successful career she always kept a “part-time “job as a waitress where her mother was a chef just because she loved the atmosphere. Sadly her mother passed away and she “retired” once again from the restaurant business. Slowly her life became his life and his life her life. Working side by side once again in the restaurant. The one thing he loves about her is her ability to take care of her family.
She felt like she was missing something very important while working in the restaurant every weekend. Cooking made her happy, her mother was a chef, and her father’s family owned many Pizza restaurants and not cooking all the time made her blah!! So how does an Italian-American girl cook Turkish food that is award winning? She doesn’t she cooks her family food and that’s when the decision was made to finally live a dream we dreamed over 20 years ago to have our own restaurant. On June 11, 2015, our dream begins. Throughout our menu, you will find traditional Turkish food on “his side” and her family “favorite recipes” on her side.

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